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From Michael Parise: Author “Surfers Guide to Costa Rica” 

One of the best is Mike Brooks’ Costa Rica Travel and Real Estate or toll free 866-502-3883. “CRTRE” is a full-service travel agency that offers discounted airfare, hotels, condo and house rentals, 4×4s, fishing,adventure tours, surf camps—the whole deal. What sets them apart are service and knowledge. Mike lives in Costa Rica half the year, and has vacation hosts there year ’round offering what he calls a “free concierge service” where they’ll book hotels, surf camps, rental cars,private transfers and adventure tours at no additional service charge to his clients.They’ll also give info on good restaurants and of course, surf breaks.It’s all a local phone call away. Mike Brooks is a long-time surfer who has been in the business of sending people to Costa Rica for years and has also run surf camps and resorts there. I’ve been booking through Mike for awhile now and have never been let down—great prices and smooth sailing every time. 

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